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June 07, 1998|By Rosemary Armao Let your hair down?

RECENTLY SEEN, heard and experienced around Anne Arundel County: It's nearly 2 a.m. Monday, it's pouring, and while shuttle buses for the Green Lot seem to keep pulling up to the curb at Baltimore-Washington International Airport, there's not a Blue Lot bus to be seen.

Out of the terminal comes a tall, thin woman laden with a backpack and shopping bag and bent over awkwardly, struggling to push a heavy bag along the sidewalk. The sullen group at the curb watches amazed. "Do you believe this? The airline broke my suitcase," she explains, laughing despite the situation. The blue, metal case is without handles or straps, its two locks are broken and the whole thing is wrapped in messy tape, the only thing keeping it together. If she could smile through that, our troubles weren't so bad, surely. Bus No. 128, headed for the Blue Lot, pulled up. "I'm going to need some extra time," the woman told the driver. "I could use some help because I have to carry my suitcase." He just looked at her without moving from his seat. Members of the group picked up her bag and backpack and stood by the door while she struggled on.

Those sensitive metal detectors at the Anne Arundel County Circuit Court House in Annapolis beep out a warning about many women who try to pass through. The jewelry comes off. The keys come out of the jacket pockets.

But the hair clips are the culprits. Deputies aren't telling women to let their hair down; they run the metal-detecting wand around the clips.

Andrea F. Siegel

MVA no longer a bore

As much as the Motor Vehicle Administration has done to improve customer service, officials at headquarters in Glen Burnie can't eliminate lines. But snaking through the dreaded queues doesn't have to be boring.

On a recent trip to the MVA license center in Glen Burnie, I found myself pondering several potentially life-changing questions. Should I let my organs be used to save another person's life after I die? Democrat, Republican or other -- which party affiliation to choose as a registered voter? Should I rent "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil"?

That last question was prompted by the nifty electronic news scrolls mounted around the building. The red bulletins bring news of natural disasters and movie reviews, proof that time does not stand still at the MVA after all.

Pub Date: 6/07/98

Tanya Jones

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