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June 05, 1998|By DAN RODRICKS

HAIRY MEN making news: Conrad Bladey, TJI's eccentric-of-the-year, will drive his bumper sticker-covered art car, Sticker II, up to Baltimore from Linthicum tomorrow to take part in the Charles Village Celebration Parade. Believe me, you won't miss Conrad, his beard and hair so long and flowing, or his car. Readers of TJI contributed dozens of bumper stickers during the winter, and Conrad used every one of them, in part or whole, to create Sticker II out of a 1989 Dodge Shadow. You won't see the Shadow. You'll see nothin' but Sticker II, with a large, hairy man at the wheel. ... Meanwhile, Richard Gick, exquisitely bearded in the Ozark Mountain-style, says it's time again for the River Tuna and Catfish Invitational, a weeklong tournament aimed at providing fresh fish for Bea Gaddy's Patterson Park Emergency Food Center. Last year, 12 anglers harvested more than 1,000 pounds of carp and catfish for the hungry. They took some lunkers, too; carp weighing up to 30 pounds ended up in Gaddy's kitchen, and she was happy to get them. Richard Gick and his wife, Frances, who carve decoys and birds in the cozy basement of their Howard County house, have been bringing freshly caught fish to Gaddy for years. The "tuna tournament" is aimed at getting more fishermen into the act. (The tournament runs from June 14 to June 20, with prizes for the biggest single catch and the heaviest weeklong harvest. Clyde's Sport Shop on Hammond's Ferry Road and the Outdoor Sportsman, Eastern Boulevard, are collection stations. Registration costs $10 and goes toward prizes. Call Richard Gick at 410-747-4246. Carpe carplum!

Patience and patients

Regarding last Wednesday's column about the Towson doctor with the strident office policy and the Harford County woman who, while complaining about it, keeps going back, TJI readers had two responses: Boo and hiss.

Joy Mandel wrote: "Please tell your reader from Harford County there are many fine doctors out there without that awful attitude. In fact, that attitude precludes him from being a great doctor. You might also inquire as to his policy when he is 10 minutes late for an appointment. I bet his patients don't get any compensation for their lost time."

And this came in, handwritten, on yellow paper, no signature: "Interstate 95 is always busy. Parking in Towson is always lousy. The doctor always cancels you if you're late. Solution: Leave home earlier! And by the way, which on-time patient did this woman expect to bump out of her way? This woman needs to take on responsibility for herself and stop blaming others."

Learn from a pro

Dundalk boy and former Atlanta Braves pitcher Mike Bielecki, chatting Sunday night on Channel 2 with sports guy Keith Mills, celebrated Polish Festival weekend by noting that his proud Uncle Joe had given numerous videotape copies of an impressive Bielecki playoff appearance to every, er, Polish-American he knew. Too bad Bielecki isn't quite ready for another comeback; the Orioles could use him. And he'd give Scott Erickson competition in the mound hunk category. Bielecki will run a baseball clinic at Dundalk High June 15 through 19. ...And I quote: "You gotta love a chick with a Ravens tattoo on her arm." (Nasty Nestor Aparicio). ... The "waitress" in the Hair Cuttery billboard near Penn Station, St. Paul Street southbound: She could make a heavy tipper out of me....With summer here and outdoor weekend quiet under renewed assault from lawn mowers, weed wackers and car stereos, there's yet another villain - deck powerwashers. It's the new suburban fetish. ... Speakin' of the 'burbs, I'm happy to see a Greg's Bagels North County annex in Hereford. The nosh is just as good there as they are at the Greg's in Belvedere Square. Greg's goes global. What's next? A Sam's in Sykesville?...Spotted yesterday morning on the Beltway (Inner Loop) doing 65 or better: A cream-and-slate (I'm guessing on the color) Edsel, for cryin' out loud!

Hotel guest mover?

Perhaps I should not have characterized the mayor's support of an east-west Baltimore people mover as "bullish." He's told people he's not bullish on the people mover, and some of these people have been moved to tell me the same. The mayor is only bullish about slot machines and Eileen Rehrmann. And yet, and yet... The city just got approval from Congress - possibly as much as $1.5 million in approval - for the study and design of a people mover, and I haven't heard the mayor saying, "No people mover. No monorail. No exceptions," have you? If such a study comes back positive, the city then could compete for additional federal funding, up to $210 million. The mayor himself laid out a Camden-to-Canton vision of the monorail in The Sun a while back. Officials in his administration have touted the idea.

So, the mayor might choose to downplay the people mover at various meetings and in front of various groups, but that doesn't mean he won't sign on, especially if the Clinton administration comes through with the big bucks.

If not specifically excited about the people mover concept, the mayor has been bullish of late about correcting Baltimore's east-west traffic flow "problem." If that "problem" had escaped your consciousness, welcome to the club. It's not something we heard much about - until, of course, a certain politically-connected businessman got a multimillion-dollar city subsidy for a Wyndham Hotel.

So, there's your east-west traffic problem - how to move people from Inner Harbor East to the Convention Center, a mile to the west, at taxpayer expense.

Pub Date: 6/05/98

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