Saying goodbye to Ginger is a snap S'long: Got along without you before we met you, gonna get along without you now.

June 01, 1998|By Tamara Ikenberg | Tamara Ikenberg,SUN STAFF

Millions of anti-Spices across the world have finally gotten a little of what they want, what they really, really want: For the Spice Girls to go away.

That's because Ginger Spice -- one of the two Spice Girls whose spice-o-nym didn't end with a Y -- has announced she is leaving the prefab jiggle queens.

Sure, Baby (Emma Bunton), Sporty (Melanie Chisholm), Posh (Victoria Adams) and Scary (Melanie Brown) have legions of fans; enough to land their records high on the charts and make them pop icons.

But with this inane idolatry comes the corresponding backlash. Spice-haters are a subculture so rabidly against all things Spice that they've created Web sites where you can slap the girls silly.

Maybe the Spicebusters are just jealous. Or, maybe they're digusted by a group so generic, bland and interchangeable that its members need cutesy nicknames so you can tell them apart.

Whether Ginger, aka Geri Halliwell, will pursue a solo singing career, devote her life to finding a cure for cancer or start doing strip-o-grams is unclear. Like the other Spices, Halliwell had an impressive spice rack and couldn't sing or dance. (Unlike the others, she had red hair and didn't join the group from a newspaper want-ad.)

As a role model, Halliwell failed her fans. And as a friend, she failed her bandmates. She skipped concert dates in Norway and an appearance on National Lottery Draw in Britain, leaving them to fend for their spicy selves.

Even worse, she made up fake excuses such as stomach pain.

At least she could have come up with something more creative, like suffering a migraine from hours rewriting Right Said Fred's "I'm Too Sexy" as "I'm Too Spicy."

Undoubtedly, other Spices will soon get too big for their bustiers and leave as well. One can dream that delusions of grandeur and six-figure nude modeling contracts will eventually deplete the Spice Girls. But that's unlikely.

Like a pop-culture Hydra, a fresh Spice will promptly pop up in Halliwell's place.

It's not easy to find someone with beauty, charisma and talent.

But it is easy to find a Spice Girl.

Pub Date: 6/01/98

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