WB won't play up Farley's final film

June 01, 1998|By Hollywood Reporter

LOS ANGELES -- Warner Bros. hasn't marketed it any differently than it had intended, but it's waiting to see if comedian Chris Farley's final film, "Almost Heroes," will draw more moviegoers than normal.

"Almost Heroes" stars Farley and Matthew Perry as bumbling frontiersmen. The film completed shooting in 1996, more than a year before Farley died from a drug overdose at age 33.

"You know the old line -- an artist dies and then his paintings sell for millions," said one veteran marketing executive.

How does Warner feel it has marketed Farley's finale? "With respect," said Sandy Reisenbach, the studio's executive vice president of marketing and planning. "We don't capitalize on the fact someone is deceased."

Pub Date: 6/01/98

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