150 years ago in The Sun May 30: The Washington National...

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May 30, 1998|By Fred Rasmussen

150 years ago in The Sun May 30: The Washington National Monument -- An association of "Young Men of Baltimore," has been formed for the purpose of attending the ceremony of laying the corner stone of the National Monument, to the "Father of his Country," on the 4th of July next.

100 years ago in The Sun June 1: A pea-picker on the farm of Mr. Thomas Sapp, Back River, near the North Point Road, Patapsco Neck, who was known as Fritz Sweitzer, committed suicide yesterday afternoon while at work on the farm. First, he cut his throat with a dull barlow knife and then began to dig the blade of the knife into his left wrist.

50 years ago in The Sun May 31: The opening of the new and greatly improved Olney Theater, at Olney, Md., was probably the most notable event of the kind in the history of the strawhats in this State. Helen Hayes, memory obliging, is the brightest star ever to shine in a bucolic setting: her vehicle, J.M. Barrie's "Alice-Sit-By-The-Fire," was a very pleasant one, staged and acted smoothly; and a capacity audience turned out.

Pub Date: 5/30/98

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