Bear beyond compare Chracter profiler

May 27, 1998

Jesse Bear is one of the happiest and most lovable bears in children's literature. Dressed in his shirt of red and his pants that dance, Jesse Bear makes ordinary days extraordinary! When the sun is out, he enjoys dancing, playing in his sandbox, chasing butterflies and swinging in his swing. Each night he takes long bubble baths before he falls asleep. He lives at home with his two loving parents.

Here are some of the titles in the Jesse Bear series by Nancy W. Carlstrom:

* "Jesse Bear, What Will

You Wear?"

* "Jesse Bear's Tum Tum Tickle"

* "Jesse Bear's Colors"

* "Jesse Bear's Seasons"

- Courtesy of Visa Rewards "Read Me a Story"

Pub Date: 5/27/98

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