Enfant terribleIt began as an Internet amusement. Then it...

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May 17, 1998|By Mary Corey | Mary Corey,Sun Staff

Enfant terrible

It began as an Internet amusement. Then it hit prime time, a jiggly figment of Ally McBeal's imagination. Now the dancing baby - that computer-animated enfant terrible who grooves to Blue Swede's "Hooked on a Feeling" - has truly entered the mainstream: It's become a T-shirt.

The T-shirt comes in four styles with the baby in several different poses; in white, black or navy colors; and in adult sizes large or extra-large. It's available at such stores as Uptons in Columbia or Gaithersburg for $18, or by calling 800-635-5609.

The beauty of hemp

Just when we thought Woody Harrelson's hemp tuxedo was as outre as eco-fashion would get, here come hemp beauty products. Environmentally conscious companies have begun using the plant, also known as marijuana, for hair and skin-care lines.

Manufacturers make a point of saying that industrial-grade hemp does not have any psychoactive effect. Rich in fatty and amino acids, hemp is being touted as ideal for helping dry skin and damaged hair.

The Body Shop recently launched five hemp-based products: Elbow Grease, Soap, 3 in 1 Oil, Lip Conditioner and Hand Protector. Prices range from $4.95 to $9.95.

And the Alterna Enzyme-therapy line, which introduced shampoo, conditioner and hair spray made from hemp-seed oil last fall, recently expanded, adding polishing gloss and straightening balm. Available at area salons. Suggested retail prices range from $10.75 to $18.

A dip in cyberspace

The search for the perfect swimsuit has gone into cyberspace. On the Lands' End Web site, it's now possible to surf for swimwear, mixing and matching from 216 different two-piece styles.

"Suiting separates," as it's called on the company's Web page, feels more like a high-tech version of paper dolls than shopping. Click on "underwire bra top in scarlet" and "print swim shorts in capri blue" and watch as a brunet model turns up in what you've selected. If you think you'd like yourself in the combo, you can order it from the Internet.

In addition to this virtual dressing room, you can see 80 one-piece suits organized by common body types.

Also new from Lands' End this year is a selection of suits for the fuller figure (18W-26W) and the company's largest assortment of mastectomy suits. The Internet address is www.landsend.com

The London cosmetics connection

Molton Brown, the London-based cosmetics line, has come to Baltimore. Etches salon in Mount Washington recently began carrying the makeup, skin care and bath products favored by celebrities.

Nicole Kidman uses the company's shampoo and conditioner to control her curls. Cher likes the soaps. And Sandra Bullock fancies the eucalyptus shower gel. Among beauty editors, the company's Eye Rescue - a gel for around the eyes - also earns high marks.

Mary Rogers of Molton Brown offers these makeup tips:

* Apply foundation with a small makeup brush to allow for lighter coverage and more careful application.

* Use brown eye shadow sparingly, if at all. It's one of the hardest colors to wear, often making eyes look tired and drawn. Instead, consider pink and blue, in shades that range from dusty to electric.

* Blush shouldn't be applied like stripes. Smile and then brush in a sweeping motion from cheek to temple, making a "C."

PTC * When touching-up lipstick, wash remnants off and start again for a fresher look.

Pub Date: 5/17/98

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