76 million caught last 'Seinfeld'

May 16, 1998|By David Zurawik

Based on overnight ratings from major cities, NBC is estimating that 76 million people watched the final episode of "Seinfeld."

The "Seinfeld" finale had a 43.2 rating and 57 share in Nielsen Media Research's overnight ratings of 39 major markets, NBC said yesterday.

The final episode of "Cheers" in 1993 had a 45.9 rating and 72 share in the national ratings, with an estimated 80 million viewers.

The all-time champ of final series episodes is M*A*S*H, which had a 60.2 rating and 77 share, with an estimated 105 million viewers, when it went off the air in 1983.

Nielsen calculations do not include an estimate of viewers who watch somewhere other than home, such as at parties or in bars.

Pub Date: 5/16/98

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