150 years ago in The Sun May 8: We noticed, a day or two...

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May 09, 1998

150 years ago in The Sun May 8: We noticed, a day or two since, the fact of a couple of ladies being detected in pilfering from a jewelry store, and afterwards giving up the stolen goods. We since learned that two or three of our dry goods men have been "diddled," and it is believed by the same parties.

100 years ago in The Sun May 12: LOUISVILLE, Ky., May 11 -- It was no trouble whatever for Joseph Gans and James Janey, the Baltimore colored pugilists, to get decisions over two colored aspirants for prize ring honors tonight.

50 years ago in The Sun May 11: Universal- International Studio has a contender for top-picture honors for 1948 in "All My Sons," now at Keith's Theater. Based on the play by Arthur Miller, the film actually improves on the model ... giving it the proper cinematic treatment and making the fullest use of its possibilities for the screen.

Pub Date: 5/09/98

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