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May 06, 1998

If there are no bookstores in your area, a good way to get new books for your child is to sign up for a children's book club. All offer great opening deals, then send one or two books a month (at the list price) to your mailbox.

* Children's Book of the Month Club, Camp Hill, PA 17011

* Double Day Children's Book Club, Box 6342, Indianapolis, Ind46209

* Grolier Books Club, Box 1772, Danbury, Conn. 06816

* Parents Magazine Read Aloud Book Club, P.O. Box 10264, DeMoines, IA 50336

* Weekly Reader Book Club, P.O. Box 16613, Columbus, Ohi43216

6* From "Raising a Reader," by Paul Kropp

Pub Date: 5/06/98

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