Helen Mirren in a different role

A tip from ... David Zurawik

April 26, 1998|By DAVID ZURAWIK

Helen Mirren's got the blues in "Painted Lady" tonight at 9 on "Masterpiece Theatre."

The Emmy Award-winning actress plays Maggie Sheridan, a burned-out, debauched blues singer living off the kindness of a wealthy Englishman who remembers her glory days. But when the Englishman is murdered, Maggie gets her act together and goes a' sleuthing.

Don't come looking for Jane Tennison, and you won't be disappointed. The role of Maggie was written for Mirren, and she has a romp with it. Not as intense or deep as "Prime Suspect," but far more fun.

"Painted Lady" concludes May 2 on MPT (channels 22

and 67).

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