Music programs dominate Vollie Awards Ceremony: In the 1998 Carroll Community Television Vollie Awards, shows with musical themes won eight of 11 categories.

April 19, 1998|By Ellie Baublitz | Ellie Baublitz,CONTRIBUTING WRITER

Friday night's 1998 Carroll Community Television Vollie Awards almost could have been the Carroll County Grammys.

Music programs won in eight of 11 categories, with two shows tied in one category.

There was even a sweep of sorts: Richard Slechter Sr. took three program awards and was voted by his colleagues producer and director of the year for 1997.

"I'm overwhelmed," said Slechter. "I get a lot of enjoyment and a good, warm feeling from doing this. I look at it as an opportunity, as a businessman, to put something back into the community."

Slechter won Best Educational/Instructional Program for "Your World Underwater Antigua," Best On-Camera Talent and tied for Best Director Live On Tape for "Eisteddfod 1997."

A master scuba diver and instructor, Slechter filmed sea life in Antigua, capturing in color the fish and plants living in the clear waters.

"The Eisteddfod concert was the first larger program I shot," Slechter said. "We filmed it with five cameras and a crew of 18. It was a two-hour, 20-minute, live broadcast.

"I enjoy working with the kids and seeing them get on TV," he said. "We did something special with this year's Eisteddfod. We had close-ups of the two girls who were killed in an auto accident and we did a little memorial to them and gave a copy of the tapes to the families."

Jessica Bassler and Domini Wigle, both from Francis Scott Key High School, were killed in a car crash the morning of April 4, just hours after they sang in the 1998 Eisteddfod concert.

Slechter, executive producer of RJS Productions, a division of Gilro Associates in Westminster, has been in the production business for 17 years, and with Channel 19 three years, he said.

During the early part of Friday's program, Channel 19 producers voted for the best rookie, crew member, producer and director for programs done in 1997.

Slechter won best producer and director. Four of his programs were nominated in eight categories.

Other popular music programs receiving multiple nominations were Common Ground on the Hill concerts, the North Carroll Assembly of God Gospel Choir, the Unknown King of Rock and Roll and the 1997 Spring Jazz Fling.

"Carroll County really loves music and has a lot of groups doing it, so we cover it," said Marion Ware, Channel 19 director.

Carroll Community Television airs 60 hours of programming a week for the 26,000 cable customers in the county, Ware said. This was the sixth year for the Vollie Awards, but the first time the event was taped for broadcast.

The awards were presented at the Wakefield Valley Golf and Conference Center in Westminster.

"We hope to show the program as a public service announcement for the station," said Linda Silfee, receptionist and staff assistant.

Other Vollie winners were:

Best First Effort: Christina Smith for "Common Ground on the Hill: Third Annual Fall Extravaganza Part 2."

Best Class Project: Christina Smith, Tom Miller, Pat McMurtray and Mike Martin for "Bridge Over Troubled Water."

Best Religious Program: Ken Lynch Jr. for "An Evening With North Carroll Assembly of God Choir."

Best Music Entertainment Program: Robert Johnson for "Up Country Hoedown."

Best Entertainment Program: Ken Birnie and Greg Whitehair for "Gong at BMA."

Best Documentary Program: Jeff Wilhelm for "Ghosts of Westminster."

Best Director (live on tape): Tie between Slechter for "Eisteddfod 1997" and Christina Smith for "Common Ground on the Hill: Third Annual Fall Extravaganza Part 2."

Best Edited Program: Steven Mednick for "The Unknown King of Rock and Roll."

Best Community Related Project: Steven Mednick for "Unsolved Crimes in Carroll County No. 30."

Rookie of the Year: Deborah Dasch.

Crew Member of the Year: George Shearer.

Outstanding Volunteer of the Year: Ron Seibel.

CCTV Advisory Recognition Award: George Shearer.

1998 Vollie Award nominees

Carroll Community Television Channel 19 nominated programs and directors in 11 categories for its 1998 Vollie Awards, honoring the best in local programming for 1997. Awards were presented Friday night. The categories and nominees were:

Best first effort: Deborah Dasch for "Springfield Hospital Health Fair"; Melinda Hobbs for "Energy Industry Study Program"; Ken Lynch Jr. for "Santa Bowed at Christmas"; Christina Smith for "Common Ground on the Hill Third Annual Fall Extravaganza Part 2"; Susan Thornton for "Women's Self-Defense Seminar"; and Donna Warner and Elinor Causey for "Compassionate Friends."

Best class project: Mark Nalepa, Tina Richardson, Carol Bolles and Richard Bis for "Honey Bees"; Linda Silfee, Roger Bolles and George Myers for "Choosing the Right Bicycle For You"; and Christina Smith, Tom Miller, Pat McMurtray and Mike Martin for "Bridge Over Troubled Water."

Best educational/ instructional program: Robert Johnson for "A Look Back at Ford: Production Potpourri"; Steven Mednick for "Counselor's Corner No. 149"; Richard Slechter Sr. for "Your World Underwater Antigua"; Gorman Tall for "Carroll County Aerobics No. 168"; and Susan Thornton for "Women's Self-Defense Seminar."

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