One Happy Camper Just For Kids

March 30, 1998|By Janis Campbell

Are you thinking about going away to camp this summer?

Stephanie Etkin can give you the scoop on what sleepaway camp is really like. Stephanie stars in "Bug Juice," a documentary series on summer camp airing on the Disney Channel at 5 p.m. EST on Sundays.

"Bug Juice" was filmed at beautiful, woodsy Camp Waziyatah, in Waterford, Maine, last summer.

Stephanie is a camp veteran. At 15, she has spent half her summer vacations at camp. She got her first taste of Bug Juice (that's what campers call the Kool-Aid-like punch served at camps) when she was just 7.

How did Stephanie's camp

experience land her on TV?

The Disney folks wanted to give kids a fun, real-life look at camp. They researched camps across the United States and picked Camp Waziyatah, then started contacting Wazi campers for the series, which debuted this month. The Disney folks picked kids to fill two cabins - one of boys and one of girls - and followed them for eight weeks of camp life: food fights, first crushes and making and leaving new friends.

As a camp veteran, Stephanie's got good advice:

* Younger kids might want to go to camp with a friend. But don't be afraid to go somewhere new. Stephanie met her best friend, Alison, five years ago at another camp in Maine.

* Pick a camp where they do activities you want to do - not what your parents or friends want to do.

* Stephanie picks the camps she wants to visit by looking at guide books and sending away for brochures.

Stephanie can't wait to get back to Camp Wazi. But for now, she's got the ultimate souvenirs: great friends, lots of pictures and "Bug Juice" on Sunday nights.


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Pub Date: 3/25/98

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