Cut, paste and learn

Reading Activities

March 29, 1998

Here are ways kids at different reading levels can use old magazines.

1. Cut-and-paste pictures: Help your preschooler find and cut out appropriate pictures to paste on pages labeled with letter sounds, colors and other early concepts.

2. Shopping lists: Young shoppers can cut and paste pictures to make their own lists, or a wish list for Santa or birthdays.

3. Story starters: Encourage a young storyteller to talk about what's happening in an interesting photo. An older child might be inspired to write a story about it.

4. Telegrams: Beginning readers can cut out words they recognize and then assemble them in short messages to make telegrams.

5. Rebus stories: Children can make up colorful sentences and stories, substituting picture cutouts for some of the words or sounds.

6. Theme collage: Older kids can arrange word and picture cutouts on paper to commemorate an idea, such as peace, or a person, such as Dad on Father's Day.

- Suggested by Reading is Fundamental Inc.

Pub Date: 3/29/98

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