"I enjoyed reading the book 'Charlie and the Chocolate...

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March 29, 1998

"I enjoyed reading the book 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,' by Roald Dahl. I liked the author's words because there were words that wouldn't be in a lot of other books. I loved the illustrator's pictures because they showed what the person really felt like. I liked the part when Charlie goes into the chocolate factory and finds many wonderful things."

- Claudia Reategui, Grade 3,

Lutherville Laboratory

" 'The Mouse and the Motorcycle' is a fiction book written by Beverly Cleary. The main idea is, a mouse that rides a toy motorcycle. The book is humorous. A boy lets a mouse named Ralph use his toy motorcycle. I recommend the book for people who like to laugh."

- Patrick Glassman, Grade 3

Pine Grove Elementary

"My favorite book is 'The Ghost Who Was Afraid of the Dark' by Alex Okin. My favorite part is when the ghost is hunting for food. After that his mother and his dad told him to go in a little girl's closet but his dad said there's no reason you should be afraid of the dark. He learned not to be afraid of the dark."

- Kevin LaBoo, Grade 2

Bedford Elementary

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Pub Date: 3/29/98

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