From the J. Peterman catalogJ. Peterman Company, famous...


March 29, 1998|By Annemarie Armentano Pub Date: 3/29/98 Holly Selby | Annemarie Armentano Pub Date: 3/29/98 Holly Selby,SUN STAFF

From the J. Peterman catalog

J. Peterman Company, famous for inspiring the comedy writers of NBC's "Seinfeld," now offers the Elaine Benes suit.

You remember Elaine. Played by Julia Louis-Dreyfuss (above), she's the one who thinks sweat left on exercise equipment is a sign of romantic intent.

Now check out the suit. A black, double-breasted cutaway jacket with double-pleated pants, it's the one that "succeeds in all scenes, great in all locations ... marvelously compensates for the ten extra pounds the camera always adds."

Hm. If you ordered now, you could probably wear yours while watching the last episode of "Seinfeld."

Wrap-arounds: going with the flow

A slinky sarong may be just the thing. Everywhere one looks this season, fashion designers from Emmanuel to Ralph Lauren are presenting skirts that wrap around then tie or button.

"We're seeing wrap-arounds come from two directions: From minimalist designers -- influential ones like American Calvin Klein," says Heather Femia, East Coast fashion director for Nordstrom, "but there is an exotic influence, so you see sarong and sari references, sometimes in a very subtle way."

Long and flowing or short and sporty, wrap-arounds are made any way you want 'em. Some come in sheer, flirty fabrics, khaki or denim. Others are long, flowing and hint of steamy, exotic lands.

A leg up on fashion

Spring this year is all about fresh touches of color and texture. Hosiery presents a simple way of adding cool hues or subtle patterns to an outfit. The bare leg is still beautiful, but now try adding hints of color. Donna Karan offers a "Colorwash" line of hosiery (from $9 knee highs to $19 body toners) in subtle grays and greens inspired by the sea. Or jazz up your look with soft, white patterns on your legs.

Going for the glitter

Want to shine at the next party you attend?

Go for the glitter -- or at least a little glimmer.

Manufacturers from Estee Lauder and Perscriptives to Benefit and Lancome are offering an easy way to capture -- or is that recapture? -- a youthful glow with cosmetics that make skin shimmer. (Sometimes, the magic ingredient is the shiny mineral, mica.)

Try brushing L'Oreal's "Quick Shimmer Face and Body Blush" ($7.25) on cheekbones, chin or shoulders. Or, if you really want to sparkle at a party, electrify your fingertips with Revlon's Streetwear Nail Glitter -- in colors from disco (light blue), Midas (glittery gold) and hologram (silver).

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