Closely watched: For the third year in a row, AT&T was the...

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March 29, 1998

Closely watched: For the third year in a row, AT&T was the company tracked by the biggest number of securities analysts, but now it has company -- Motorola. Nelson Information Inc., a supplier of financial data, said each company was followed by analysts at 62 investment and research firms in 1997. Motorola was in fourth place in 1996. Intel and Cisco Systems tied for third place with 58 firms tracking each, and Banc One and Merck tied for fifth place, with 57 firms apiece.

Virtual customer: Manufacturing firms will find competition intensifying in the early part of the new century as customer demands and expectations increase, according to a study by consultants at Deloitte & Touche. According to the study, manufacturers can expect what the firm calls virtual customers, who will "surface anytime, any place and can disappear just as quickly."

Pub Date: 3/29/98

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