Orioles tickets rank third in major leagues Average cost hits $19.77, trails Red Sox, Yankees

March 28, 1998|By Jon Morgan | Jon Morgan,SUN STAFF

The Orioles may or may not win their division, but they have already come out near the top in the category of priciest tickets.

The team's average ticket price of $19.77 is the third-highest in baseball, according to the annual survey by Team Marketing Report, a Chicago-based newsletter.

The survey shows the Red Sox have taken over the top spot, with an average ticket cost of $20.63, up 15 percent from last season. The Yankees are second at $20.51.

The cheapest seats? The Minnesota Twins, at a paltry $8.22, unchanged from the year before and less than half what the Red Sox are charging. The lowest-priced ticket at Fenway Park this year, $10, is well above the average for the entire stadium in Minnesota.

Three of the 30 clubs cut prices this year: Pittsburgh, San Francisco and the Chicago Cubs. But that was the exception. The average ticket across baseball hit $13.60, up 10 percent from last season.

The survey showed that teams raise tickets when there is strong demand. The Red Sox, Orioles, Atlanta Braves and Cleveland Indians filled 80 percent or more of their seats last year and are among the top five teams when ranked by ticket price.

"The survey demonstrates clearly that rising ticket prices are fueled by fan demand," said Team Marketing Report editor Sean Brenner in a written statement.

The newsletter calculates a "fan cost index" based on the purchase of four average-priced tickets, parking, two small beers and two small soft drinks, four hot dogs and two game programs and twill caps. The cost of an Orioles game for this hypothetical family this year is $135.57, compared to a league average of $114.82.

Ticket prices

1998 average average ticket prices, according to the 1998 Team Marketing Report:

1. Boston $20.63

2. New York Yankees 20.51

3. Orioles 19.77

4. Cleveland 17.35

5. Atlanta 17.18

6. Texas 16.49

7. Toronto 16.38

8. New York Mets 16.11

9. Colorado 15.86

10. Tampa Bay 15.56

11. St. Louis 15.47

12. Seattle 14.94

13. Arizona 14.70

14. Chicago White Sox 14.48

15. Chicago Cubs 14.42

16. Los Angeles 12.21

17. Florida 12.15

18. Houston 11.88

19. Anaheim 11.83

20. San Francisco 11.47

21. San Diego 11.34

22. Philadelphia 11.22

23. Kansas City 10.69

24. Oakland 10.58

25. Detroit 10.40

26. Milwaukee 10.28

27. Montreal 9.98

VTC 28. Pittsburgh 9.33

29. Cincinnati 8.37

30. Minnesota 8.22

Pub Date: 3/28/98

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