Whitbread update

March 27, 1998

Status: Day 13, Leg 7


Boat, Nautical miles to finish

1. Silk Cut, 874.9

2. EF Language, 889.3

3. Swedish Match, 911.9

4. Innovation Kvaerner, 922.6

5. Merit Cup, 934.0

6. Chessie Racing, 981.6

7. Toshiba, 981.9

8. BrunelSunergy, 1,053.2

9. EF Education, 1,103.1

(as of 00: 08: 42 GMT)

Boat beat: Silk Cut is back in the driver's seat, retaking the lead from EF Language. Just 7.8 nautical miles separate the two boats. "The breeze kicked in yesterday as predicted and we laid past Barbuda with our masthead reaching spinnaker up," said skipper Adrian Stead. "We were able to take a few miles off EFL, who had to sail a little higher to clear the island."

Weather: Easterly winds of 15-25 knots will build to 20-30. Scattered showers are likely with heavier activity projected once fleet approaches Bahamas.

Note: Information compiled from the Whitbread Round the World Race Web site at www.whitbread.org

Pub Date: 3/27/98

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