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March 27, 1998

What does...

Quartz have to do with telling time?

Michael Wiley

San Jose, Calif.

Some crystals will vibrate when an electric current flows througthem. They vibrate at predictable speeds. A watch vibrates the quartz and then counts up the vibrations. Every 30,000 vibrations or so equals 1 second.

If, Then...

If water is made from hydrogen and oxygen, why

doesn't it burn?

George Harris

Mesquite, Texas

The oxygen and hydrogen in water are bonded together as molecule. It takes an enormous amountof energy to pull those bonds apart. It wouldn't burn until that happens.

Why do...

Our voices stop at a very high musical note? Why don't thekeep going up?

Mary Tess

College Station, Texas

The human voice is a musical instrument. Its pitch depends ohow big the instrument is and how tightly the strings can be stretched. To get a higher pitch, your vocal cords would have to be tighter.

Game show

Chewing gum is against the law in...

A - Russia

B - Singapore

C - The post office

D - Idaho

Answer: Singapore

Pub Date: 3/27/98

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