'"Karen's New Teacher' by Ann M. Martin is my favorite...

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March 25, 1998

'"Karen's New Teacher' by Ann M. Martin is my favorite book. I like it because Karen has a new teacher and so do I. I also like it because it doesn't have a lot of pictures. I like to use my imagination when I read."

'Alicia Brittingham, Grade 2,

Samuel Coleridge Taylor Elementary

"I enjoy reading and collecting 'Clue, Jr.' books. These are

mystery stories created by Parker C. Hinter. Each chapter is a new mystery which you try to solve. It is really cool when you turn the book upside down to solve the mystery at the end of the chapter. If you like mysteries, these are books for you!"

`Zach Boblooch, Grade 3,

Lutherville Laboratory

"My favorite book is 'Arthur's First Sleepover,' because it is cooand funny. It's about an anteater named Arthur. He is having a sleepover and Arthur is inviting two boys, Brian and Buster. They heard about an alien and Buster and Brian were scared. When they were done setting up the tents and they were about to go to sleep they heard a sound. AHHHHH!!! Buster and Brian screamed, of course. It was D.W. She scared them. Then they wanted to get even with D.W. so they made a cardboard monster and put it in D.W.'s window and scared her! From that day on D.W. never scared them again."

'Mallory Tankersley, Grade 3,

Abingdon Elementary

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Pub Date: 3/25/98

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