New Sprint PCS service making debut today

Maryland Watch

March 25, 1998

Sprint PCS, a wireless telephone company, is unveiling a new service today that will allow its customers to stay on the firm's network when they roam out of the Baltimore-Washington area.

The new line of digital telephones uses a different operating standard than Sprint PCS has employed in the past for its Baltimore-Washington Sprint Spectrum customers.

Sprint Spectrum had relied on a digital standard called GSM in the Baltimore-Washington market.

However, other standards have surpassed GSM on U.S. networks.

As a result, local Sprint PCS customers would have to switch to other networks in order to use their digital phones when they traveled elsewhere in the United States.

Now Sprint PCS is trying to ease this problem by introducing a product that uses the more popular CDMA standard.

Mark Lowenstein, an analyst for the Yankee Group in Boston, said, "There are very few examples in the world where one carrier is offering two flavors of digital service."

Sprint PCS is a joint venture of Sprint Corp. and three cable television firms.

Pub Date: 3/25/98

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