Roman Catholic Bishop John R. Keating,63, a doctrinal...

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March 24, 1998

Roman Catholic Bishop John R. Keating,63, a doctrinal conservative from Arlington, Va., died of a heart attack during a visit to Rome. He died during the night and was found dead in bed Sunday morning. The diocese said the bishop traveled to Rome every five years to see the pope and report on diocesan affairs. He met with Pope John Paul II on Friday.

Maciej Slomczynski,77, the translator for authoritative Polish versions of English-language titans such as William Shakespeare, James Joyce and William Faulkner, died Saturday in Warsaw, Poland. He also wrote dramas, film scripts and children's books.

Sheik Assad Bayyoud Tamimi,86, a militant Muslim leader who became an advocate of peace with Israel, died Saturday in Amman, Jordan, of kidney failure and liver disease.

Joseph L. Walcott,101, owner of a South End jazz club where legendary greats and rising musicians played, died Friday in Boston.

Albert H. Wolff,95, the last surviving member of Eliot Ness' squad of federal Treasury agents known as "The Untouchables," died Saturday in Mason, Ohio. "The Untouchables," who were portrayed in a television show and a film, were named for their unwillingness to take bribes from mob bosses such as Al Capone. Mr. Wolff was a technical consultant on the 1987 film.

Pub Date: 3/24/98

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