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March 24, 1998|By From staff reports

House rejects bill to add potato famine to school curriculum

A bill that would have made the Irish potato famine a required part of Maryland's public school curriculum died in a House committee yesterday as delegates shied away from telling educators what to teach.

The Ways and Means Committee rejected the measure after state school Superintendent Nancy S. Grasmick said she would work with Irish-American groups to develop a curriculum on the famine.

The bill, sponsored by Sen. Perry Sfikas, a Baltimore Democrat, had passed in the Senate.

Senate votes Astrodon to be state dinosaur

A bill sought by children to designate an official state dinosaur was approved by the Senate last night, 41-4, with two abstentions.

Youths have been lobbying legislators to make the Astrodon johnstoni, a long-necked sauropod that lived in Maryland 110 million years ago, a state symbol.

The House version of the bill is pending before a committee.

House OKs measure to waive state sales tax

The House of Delegates approved a bill last night by a 126-7 vote that would waive state sales tax on certain purchases two weeks a year in an effort to boost consumer spending.

Under the measure, clothing -- except shoes and accessories -- that costs less than $100 would not be subjected to the state's 5 percent sales tax this year during the week of Aug. 7-13.

The state sales tax would not apply to winter lodging costing less than $100 during the week of Jan. 23-29, 1999. The bill goes to the Senate.

Pub Date: 3/24/98

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