Model students hit the runway at mall workshop


March 23, 1998|By Lisa Breslin | Lisa Breslin,SPECIAL TO THE SUN

IT WAS SUPPOSED to be a quick trip to Cranberry Mall to buy presents for Tommy's birthday. But by the time the Stultz family left the mall, three boys and their mother were enrolled in a modeling class to learn about turns, posture, fashion, and style.

"I sent Tommy to the other side of the mall so he wouldn't see what he was getting for his birthday, and he came back pumped up about these auditions," said Tammy Stultz. "Now we are learning about good posture."

David, Michael, Tommy and their mother are not alone. About 50 people of all shapes and sizes were pulled from the Carroll community for a free seven-week modeling session conducted by Ann Carter Studios of Crofton.

Many participants stumbled into the auditions while shopping at the mall one Sunday; others read about them in the newspaper and came with high hopes of being discovered.

"I have always dreamed of modeling, and this workshop is lots of fun," said Shea Zugliani, a sixth-grader at Morningstar Christian School in Hampstead who is enrolled in the program.

Shea roped her brother Jesse Goblet into modeling sessions, too. A recent graduate of Victory Christian Academy in West Virginia, Jesse conceded the sessions are "going fairly well" and are a great opportunity.

Most participants, whose ages range from 6 to beyond the point of good taste to ask, came for fun.

"My favorite part is walking down the runway and practicing," said Erica Leonard, a seventh-grader at West Middle School. "I would love to model shoes. I like shoes a lot, and skirts, and dresses, and jewelry."

During one session, participants learned how to freeze like mannequins. Last Sunday, the group worked on basic turns and crossing patterns. There was lots of nervous laughter, lots of gawking from curious shoppers and lots of kind correction from teachers Kristina and Craig Ray and Ann Carter.

"Slow down, you're not in any hurry," Kristina called as Rachel Sickle and Alexandra Towns walked down the mall, crossed one foot over another, and then gracefully turned on a spot marked with masking tape.

Not far away, Carter, director of the studio, told a group of young models, "Pretend you are on the beach. The wind is blowing in your hair, and you feel great. Now in groups of four or five, I'd like you to hold hands and skip up to me and then hold in a left basic."

"At first I was a little hesitant about all this," said Kathy Smith, mother of 10-year-old Michelle. "You never know who to trust. But at the first session she [Carter] really put us at ease. Her studio doesn't take or sell photos. I feel more comfortable that this is a reputable company."

Melody Naab, whose 14-year-old-daughter, Pamela, and second-grader Jamie are participating, said she hopes the sessions will be a back door into modeling for her girls.

"We read the ad, and I had thought about getting the girls into modeling, but I just didn't know how to go about it," she said. "This looked like fun, and it might give the girls a chance to get into the modeling profession."

After the seven-week session is over, the mall will sponsor several fashion shows using models from the session.

"We may have storefront shows where the models will pose as mannequins, or have fashion shows,' said Sherrie Little marketing director for Cranberry Mall. "We also have the models strolling throughout the mall giving out flowers or coupons to shoppers."

Be a beekeeper

The Carroll County Beekeepers Association will offer a short course in beekeeping at Bear Branch Nature Center beginning April 1.

Participants will learn how to handle bees without getting stung and why many people keep bees as a hobby.

By the end of the course, participants will also know how the queen bee rules the hive, how honey is made from flower nectar and how to be a successful beekeeper.

Information and registration: 410-239-7496.

Lisa Breslin's Central Carroll neighborhood column appears each Monday in the Carroll County edition of The Sun.

Pub Date: 3/23/98

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