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March 22, 1998|By Cheryl Tan Clairvoyant parking

Police humor

MARYLAND STATE Police public information officers flexed their literary muscles and added a little pizazz to a news release about St. Patrick's Day last week.

The release, which mentioned that troopers would be patrolling roads in green and black state patrol cars on St. Patrick's Day, added: "A motorist who is stopped for drunk or drugged driving will not see, in their rearview mirror, the brilliant colors of a rainbow leading to a pot of gold, but the red and blue flashing lights of a Maryland State Police patrol car." EVERYBODY HAS a method for finding a place to park in Annapolis. Some circle the block waiting for a car to pull out. Some search back alleys for a spot without a tow-away warning. Others just use the garage.

But some people have a better way.

A visitor heading to a residential area known for parking hardships last week called her destination -- the home of a self-described psychic and clairvoyant -- to ask for suggestions.

"Yes, parking is a problem," the psychic said, "but you'll find a spot. Just let your intuition guide you."

Sure enough, there was a spot waiting out front when the visitor arrived.

Laura Sullivan

First kisses

BRIDGETTE ADAMS, an eighth-grader at Magothy River Middle School who says she has "a platonic crush" on three boys, sat in her family and consumer science class last week with classmates and her teacher discussing first crushes, and the differences between love and infatuation.

Bridgette, a tall redhead who vaguely resembles Chelsea Clinton, raised her hand and volunteered a bittersweet memory of her first kiss with a little boy. "We were just walking and all of the sudden we ran into each other and kissed, and the whole first grade saw!" she exclaimed with a combination of horror and amusement.

Classmate Bobby Kemp, who turned 14 last week, said to the class, "Will someone run into me so I can kiss them?"

Elaine Tassy Pub Date: 3/22/98

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