Here is how members of Maryland's delegation on Capitol...

Votes in Congress

March 22, 1998

Here is how members of Maryland's delegation on Capitol Hill were recorded on important roll-call votes last week:

Y: Yes N: No X: Not voting

House: Bosnia

The House rejected, 193 for and 225 against, a measure (H Con Res 227) to require President Clinton to recall U.S. troops from Bosnia-Herzegovina in keeping with the 1973 War Powers Act. Under that law, a president may deploy troops in emergencies but must withdraw them within 60 days unless Congress declares war or authorizes their deployment. About 8,000 Americans have served in the Balkans in a 34,000-troop NATO force since December 1995. There is no deadline for their return.

A yes vote was to apply the War Powers Act to U.S. military involvement in the Balkans.

Y N X Member

Y * * Ehrlich, Robert, R-2nd

* N * Hoyer, Steny H. D-5th

Y * * Bartlett, Roscoe G., R-6th

* N * Wynn, Albert R., D-4th

* N * Cardin, Benjamin L., D-3rd

* N * Cummings, Elijah, D-7th

* N * Gilchrest, Wayne T., R-1st

* N * Morella, Constance A., R-8th

House: Tropical forests

The House passed, 356 for and 61 against, a bill (HR 2870) enabling the Treasury to forgive or restructure foreign debt in exchange for a country's efforts to protect its tropical forests. These "debt for nature" swaps would be worked out with developing countries that meet criteria such as cooperating with international anti-drug efforts, protecting human rights, and operating democratic governments.

A yes vote was to pass the bill.

Y N X Member

Y * * Ehrlich, Robert, R-2nd

Y * * Hoyer, Steny H. D-5th

* N * Bartlett, Roscoe G., R-6th

Y * * Wynn, Albert R., D-4th

Y * * Cardin, Benjamin L., D-3rd

Y * * Cummings, Elijah, D-7th

Y * * Gilchrest, Wayne T., R-1st

Y * * Morella, Constance A., R-8th

Senate: Education savings

Voting 55 for and 44 against, the Senate failed to advance a bill (HR 2646) that would establish tax breaks for private and public education. The tally fell short of the 60-vote majority needed to end a Democratic filibuster against legislation to apply Educational Savings Accounts (ESAs) to kindergarten through 12th grade, along with higher education. Democrats said the GOP majority has denied them a fair chance to amend the bill to keep ESAs from undermining public schools. Republican leaders said they have provided ample opportunity for Democratic amendments.

A yes vote was to advance the bill.

Y N X Member

* N * Mikulski, Barbara A., D

* N * Sarbanes, Paul S., D

Pub Date: 3/22/98

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