Books to help redesign kitchen and other rooms

March 22, 1998|By Pamela Sherrod | Pamela Sherrod,CHICAGO TRIBUNE

Often when we think of making changes in our home, we picture new furniture in a freshly painted and decorated room. We may not realize that our memories of homes past are reflected in our preferences.

The following books can help refresh those memories and offer guidance in making a room or home work best for you.

* "Kitchens That Work" by Martin Edic and Richard Edic, 209 pages (the Taunton Press, $39.95).

Unlike most books on kitchen design, Martin and Richard Edic's book mixes how-to approaches with old-fashioned storytelling as they reminisce about kitchens of the 1920s and tell how modern ones have evolved.

For the Edics, a kitchen is not only the room where food is prepared but also the heart of the home. As a result, it must be in sync with your lifestyle.

Some people will want to read this pretty, practical source from ++ cover to cover. Others, a chapter here, a chapter there.

No matter which way you use the book, go through the first 20 pages to take the kitchen questionnaire. It helps to keep in perspective what you want to get out of the book -- and your kitchen.

* "Home Life: A Journey Through Rooms and Recollections" by Suzanne Fox, 170 pages (Simon & Schuster, $18).

"From the outside the junk drawer was unremarkable -- ordinary, shiny, syrup-colored maple, faintly smudged with fingerprints -- but inside it was completely different from the rest of my family's kitchen."

In Suzanne Fox's book, "Home Life: A Journey Through Rooms and Recollections," she takes us into the kitchen and other rooms of homes that meant something to her by invoking stories from her past.

Fox's writing style is smooth and easy. You feel as though she is carefully opening the doors to one room after another, and inviting you to come in.

When you do, you enter the memories she shares with you and recall some of your own from the homes and apartments you once lived in; and the living rooms and bedrooms of aunts or grandparents who had a place in your life.

Pub Date: 3/22/98

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