Passers-by rescue baby abandoned near Sinai Police investigate tips about parents

infant in social services' custody

March 19, 1998|By Peter Hermann | Peter Hermann,SUN STAFF

Margaret Glover was driving home after dropping her son off for his night job at the Sinai Hospital incinerator when she saw a baby stroller on a street corner near the back of the medical complex.

"I thought I saw some feet hanging down with white shoes," said Glover, 51, who has worked as a seamstress at Sinai for more than three decades.

She drove her van around the corner, pulled up at Belvedere Avenue and Sunset Road, and questioned a man, who also appeared curious and was staring into the stroller. "I asked, 'Excuse me sir, is there a baby in that stroller?' "

The man answered: "Yes, ma'am."

Glover quickly turned around and drove back to the hospital on West Northern Parkway as the man -- whose name is unknown to hospital workers -- pushed the stroller into the emergency room. The baby was found about 10: 15 p.m. Tuesday.

The baby girl, about 6 months old and dressed in a pink snowsuit, a white cap, white shoes and orange pants, was declared healthy by doctors, said hospital spokeswoman Jill Bloom.

The city Department of Social Services took custody of the infant early yesterday and has placed the baby in foster care, said Sue Fitzgibbons, a spokeswoman for the agency.

"We don't get too many truly abandoned children where we don't know anything about them," Fitzgibbons said.

Agent Ragina L. Cooper, a city police spokeswoman, said a woman who saw yesterday afternoon's newscast about the baby called a television station and said she knows the child's teen-age mother. Cooper said an officer went to the caller's Northeast Baltimore house, but did not locate the baby's parents.

Cooper also said that about the same time that Glover found the child, a woman called an emergency dispatcher from a pay phone at Sinai and told an operator that her boyfriend had abandoned her child at a nearby corner. The caller has not been located.

Glover, a mother of two grown sons, said she couldn't drive by the stroller without stopping, even though at first she thought it -- contained a child's doll.

"There were cars going by, but nobody stopped," Glover said, adding that the bundled infant "slept through the ordeal until she got to the emergency room. Then she cried."

Pub Date: 3/19/98

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