"My favorite book is 'Arthur's Eyes' by Marc Brown. Arthur...

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March 18, 1998

"My favorite book is 'Arthur's Eyes' by Marc Brown. Arthur gets new glasses and his sister, D.W., laughs at him. He ignores her, though. The best part of the book is when Arthur goes into the girls' bathroom by mistake before he gets his glasses."

- Ivory Robinson, Grade 3

Samuel Coleridge Taylor Elementary

"'A Book of Satellites for You,' by Franklin M. Branley, is the best book I ever read. Here are some things I learned. One is that the moon is a satellite. It goes around the planet earth. Sputnik I was the first manmade satellite and it was launched Oct. 4, 1957. It weighed 184 pounds. I learned a lot more exciting things from reading this book. That is why I think it's the best book I ever read."

- Nathan Walk, Grade 2,

Lansdowne Elementary

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Pub Date: 3/17/98

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