From our readers, an Olympian effort

March 18, 1998

As Maryland, Virginia and Washington unite to bid for the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, we here at The Sun -- The Baltimore Sun -- are doing our part to avoid a major jam-up in the effort: What to call this many-headed beast.

We asked readers to try to unite the region, in name if nothing else. Some names they suggested sound like long-lost Motown singers (MarvaWashington); others like a camp in Pennsylvania (MaWaBa, MaVaMar); others like a bad roadside shrine (VirginMaryWashland, Mary Virgington).

But try as they might, our readers can't do anything about the provincialism that makes all parties want their own name in the title.

After hearing a number of suggested names, an organizer from Washington sniffed impatiently, "I don't think these have anything to do with the nation's capital."

Laleh Rafiee, a project manager with the Greater Washington Exploratory Committee, stopped short of saying the name has to be Washington or nothing, but argued that it has to be of the city the rest of the world has actually heard of. Ouch!

Supposedly that would eliminate one idea from Keith Rosenberg of Owings Mills, who is working on the bid. "We were thinking about the Greater Beltsville-Glen Burnie-Catonsville Games," he said, presumably tongue-in-cheek.

"We don't care what it's called," he added. "This is still the nTC biggest thing since Maryland gave up land to create the District of Columbia."

Judge for yourself; here are a few of the readers' offerings: Appalachian Games, Dave Foster, Baltimore.

WavyLand, Jenny Thrasher, Columbia.

VirginMaryWashland, Frank Del Bianco, Cockeysville.

MarVaDC, Marilyn Dlugos, Ellicott City.

Chessiepo, Margaret Snyder, Baltimore.

Chesapeake Olympics, Jim Meyer, Baltimore.

Marvacap, Maureen Ryan, Bel Air.

Democracy Triangle, Eunice Katz, Baltimore.

CapitolMarva, George C. Scardina, Crownsville.

Piedmont Region, Dan Ellis, Baltimore.

Chesapeake Games, Deborah Desmone, Stewartstown, Penn.

Chesatomac, David Glassman, Carney.

Marvaton, Phyllis Fwann, Linthicum.

WashMarVa, Charlotte Valentine, Columbia.

VMW, Robin Cushner, Owings Mills.

Pub Date: 3/18/98

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