State surplus a direct result of overtaxing

March 16, 1998

IN YOUR March 1 editorial, you warn that we should "go slow on cutting taxes." The reason we have a tax surplus is that we are overtaxed in the "Great Society" state of Maryland.

Your worry that tax revenues might fall flat or decline is typical of your paper's Democratic tax-and-spend philosophy.

If tax revenues decline, our legislators will have to do what every business or household does when cash flow is strained: cut spending. Not all government "programs" are vital to the well-being of Maryland citizens.

In 1990, when revenues were sagging, our legislators scratched the surface of the budget, then cried they could cut no more. They could have cut plenty more without serious harm to the citizens of this state.

The real fear was that there might be a backlash from some of the many special interest groups, and that could hurt their chances of re-election.

If The Sun is so worried about this situation, maybe you should give a little extra April 15.

Michael K. Brown


Pub Date: 3/16/98

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