Pecoraro to head community affairs, housing committee

March 16, 1998

Westminster Councilman L. Gregory Pecoraro will head the Committee on Housing and Community Affairs, recently created to fill a gap in the council's committee responsibilities.

The committee will consider areas such as economic development, urban renewal, building standards, social services, landlord-tenant disputes, publicly supported housing and agriculture.

Pecoraro also heads the Finance Committee, which oversees the city budget, taxes and user fees, local bond authorizations, employee benefits, investments and procurement.

Councilman Damian L. Halstad, chairman of the Committee for Public Safety, will serve as a member of the new committee.

New standing committee assignments are usually made at the next reorganization meeting, which will be held after city elections in May 1999.


Westminster: An employee of Big Lots in Westminster reported on Thursday that someone removed a band saw valued at $149.88.


Westminster: Firefighters responded at 11: 40 a.m. Thursday to an auto fire on Route 40 at Malcolm Drive. Units were out 40 minutes.

Pub Date: 3/16/98

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