150 years ago in The SunMarch 16: Stealing Manure...

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March 15, 1998|By Fred Rasmussen

150 years ago in The Sun

March 16: Stealing Manure -- William Pernell was yesterday arrested by Officer Woodward, on the charge of stealing a cart load of manure. He was held to bail for his appearance for further examination by Justice Morrison. March 20: Apoplexy, if properly examined, will be found to be only an aggravated state of Lethargy, as Lethargy is an aggravated state of drowsiness. The vessels and veins being closed up with corrupt stagnant humors, diminish the circulation and prevent the blood from supplying and nourishing the brain.

March 21: A writer in the Norfolk Argus, from the eastern shore of Virginia, relates an incident that occurred to a friend of his from that part of Virginia, about two weeks ago, which strongly illustrated the ultra fanatical spirit of the times. The writer says, "In traveling north he had an occasion to spend a night in Trenton, N.J., and was refused admission to one of the first hotels of the city, because he was a Southern man!!!"

100 years ago in The Sun

zTC March 15: The First Branch adopted the report of the ways and means committee against paying $150 for a sound-proof telephone closet which was placed in the lobby of the Council Chamber without orders from any official of the body.

March 16: ANNAPOLIS, MD., March 15 -- Governor Lowndes received a letter today from Rev. S. F. Tice, of Annapolis, notifying him that a party of "distinguished Negro gentleman" desired to call on him and asking him to name an hour for the interview. Bishop William B. Derrick, of New York, insisted that manual training was necessary to supplement mental training in order to prevent colored youths from becoming a lot of useless and ornamental dudes.

March 18: 'RAH FOR ST. PATRICK -- To the music of "Wearin' of the Green," 300 members of the Ancient Order of Hibernians marched into the Rose House dining hall at 9 o'clock last night to celebrate the natal day of St. Patrick.

50 years ago in The Sun

March 15: Twenty-six years as principal of Bryn Mawr School, plus 26 years of writing books, have formed the larger part of the life of 80-year-old Edith Hamilton, now living at 2448 Massachusetts Avenue, Washington. One of her translations from the Greek -- "Agamemnon," from her book, "Three Greek Plays" -- was presented Friday and Saturday by students at George Washington University.

March 16: Baltimore's battle to bring back the frigate Constellation entered a new phase last night as a New Englander now living on the Eastern Shore declared that the existing Constellation was not built in Baltimore but in Norfolk.

March 17: Annapolis, March 16 (AP) -- St. John's College has gone on record overwhelmingly as favoring the admission of Negroes. "The student body hereby resolves that it would welcome the admission of students of any race or color to St. John's."

Pub Date: 3/15/98

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