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March 15, 1998|By Holly Selby | Holly Selby,Sun Staff Annemarie Armentano contributed to this week's Style File.

Bobbi Brown's new scent

Bobbi Brown, maker of cosmetics and travel accessories, this month presents her new fragrance. Called "bobbi," the scent was inspired by the designer's fondness for all things green and her desire to create a perfume that women on the run could wear with anything from jeans to evening gowns. "I want my women to feel pretty and confident," she said in a statement.

Instead of a musk, bobbi is a lighter, fresher blend of "sparkling citrus, cool cucumber and ylang-ylang" mixed with a bit of peony, sandalwood and orris, an ingredient derived from irises. The scent is available this month at Neiman Marcus and, later this spring, at Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Ave. Gotta have it! Claire's Accessories, the chain of 1,700 ever-trendy stores, has published its first catalog called "Just Nikki:)." Aimed at girls from 12 to 17, it is full of up-to-the-minute accessories and clothing, much of which you can't find in the stores. There's everything from $38 black, suede high-tops and $28 camouflage halter tops to $10 clear, jelly beach bags and $7 wicked wax pomade.

Catalogs are available at Claire's Boutique and The Icing (there's one of each at the Towson Town Center mall). But be careful, some of this stuff is so cool you may feel you've gotta have it. Even if you're not a teen.

Pride-in-plumage is by no means limited to one gender, writes British fashion historian Colin McDowell.

His latest book, "The Man of Fashion: Peacock Males and Perfect Gentlemen" (Thames and Hudson, $50), traces male fashion from 13th-century France - when over-the-top clothing was used by kings as a symbol of political power - to the present, when style signals sexual prowess and often percolates up from the streets.

For anyone who bristles at the adage "Vanity, thy name is woman," McDowell's book is a wonderful vindication.

Oh Clint, you sure have mellowed. You've traded in your guns for clubs. Still, even on the golf course, Clint Eastwood manages to look squint-eyed and flint-edged. The legendary film star is the source of inspiration for a new line of golf clothes by Tehama. (There's also a line of women's clothing, called Tehama by Nancy Haley.)

The line looks to the grace and style of the 1940s for inspiration, but provides few surprises. Colors range from navy to softer hues of blue for spring. Classics like polo shirts are given a bit of a twist with textured ottoman and Jacquard patterns. And there are fleece jackets for those breezy days on the links.

Tehama for Clint is available at PGA Tour shops and other stores. And it will be available for fall at Nordstrom. Or, call 800-955-9400.

P.S. The beautiful blonde with him is his daughter. Tsk, tsk. What were you thinking?

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