Olympic name a team effort

March 12, 1998

Let's see -- "Delmarva" works, rolls nicely off the tongue. But it has been done. The executives from Maryland, Washington and Virginia who are working up a bid for the 2012 Summer Olympic Games will have to come up with another regional name for their momentous joint effort ... something all-inclusive, something that slights no one. Something you can actually pronounce.

"Marvawash" might work, but it brings to mind personal hygiene. Same goes for "Washvaland" or "Landvawash."

This is serious business. These sometime rivals are spending $6 million to $12 million on this bid. Besides, the name may be put on T-shirts.

What do you think? What name would best represent the region?

Send your suggestions, by fax or phone. Call SunDial, 410-783-1800, Code 6187, or fax to 410-783-2519. Please include your name, phone number and city of residence. We'll print the suggestions that are printable.

Your deadline is Monday.

Pub Date: 3/12/98

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