Congressional bills would benefit Md. roads Lawmakers' wish list would improve, repair highways, city streets

March 11, 1998|By David Folkenflik | David Folkenflik,SUN NATIONAL STAFF

WASHINGTON -- Under legislation in the House, Maryland would receive $386 million annually on bridges and roads over the next six years. Under the Senate proposal, Maryland would receive $380 million. Maryland now receives $307 million a year for transportation, including public transit.

Here are some projects requested by Maryland's lawmakers and their expected costs:

Widen U.S. 113 on the Eastern Shore to four lanes from north of U.S. 50 near the Delaware state line, to Route 589 at Snow Hill. $24 million.

Finish the reconstruction of the Baltimore-Washington Parkway. $24.5 million.

Upgrade the Patuxent Parkway segment of Route 32 to a four-lane divided highway, install new exchanges with Route 198 and with the National Security Agency and improve the interchange at the Baltimore-Washington Parkway. $57 million.

Baltimore projects

Fix damaged Baltimore street signs and set up computer-run signs around the city. $35 million.

Replace Baltimore traffic signal control systems with a system that automatically allows light rail the right-of-way. $23.8 million.

Beltway projects

Carry out improvements on the Baltimore Beltway, including: A) Widening Interstate 695 between Wilkens Avenue and Frederick Road. $27 million.

B) Enhancing Interstate 95 to Alternate U.S. 1. $9 million.

C) Improving exchange at Route 45, York Road. $12 million.

D) Building a highway from Interstate 68 in Western Maryland to Pennsylvania. $34 million.

Empowerment zone

Carry out projects in the Baltimore Empowerment Zone. $44 million. They include:

A) Designing and building a viaduct to carry traffic over Conrail and CSX tracks at Conkling and Ponca streets and constructing a rail overpass for Conrail.

B) Improving Boston Street from Chester to Conkling and building ramps to provide access between I-95 and U.S. 40 west to allow traffic in East Baltimore to head south and west.

C) Upgrading Route 173 and Curtis Avenue.

D) Moving the interchange at Interstate 895 and Potee Street interchange to provide better access to and from I-895 South.

E) Resurfacing the streets of areas targeted for redevelopment.

Pub Date: 3/11/98

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