" 'Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator,' by Roald Dahl is...

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March 11, 1998

" 'Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator,' by Roald Dahl is the continuing story from 'Charlie and the Chocolate

Factory.' I liked it because it had a lot of adventure. Charlie went up in space in an elevator and tried to get back to Earth without having the elevator crash. I liked it when the great glass elevator linked up to a hotel in space and they went inside to explore. This is where they found the Kinos and they ran right out again. The Kinos were monsters that could eat you in 10 seconds flat. Charlie and his grandparents and Mr. Wonka got away by putting rockets on the bottom of the glass elevator and that made them go faster. This part was really exciting."

Robin Calhoun, Grade 3, Calvert School

"I really loved 'Ghost Town at Sundown,' by Mary Pope Osborne. I thought it was very interesting. The book was about two kids who went to a spooky town in the wild west. There they had to find the answer to this riddle: "Out of the blue, my lonely voice calls out to you. Who am I? Am I?" There is also a cowboy who is trying to save his horses from horse thieves and the kids help him. This was the best book I have ever read."

Brady Cashen, Grade 3, Lutherville Laboratory

Pub Date: 3/11/98

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