Learn words in a flash Activity

March 11, 1998

The following "sight" words appear in our Story Time selection today, "Miss Nelson is Missing." Sight words are not phonetically regular, so your child should not be asked to sound them out. Tell him the word and then, using the activity provided by Susan Rapp, director of the Village Reading Center in Columbia, help him learn to recognize the word.











Sight Word Activities

Using index cards or squares of blank paper, make flashcards to help improve your child's sight word vocabulary. Choose words from this list, or words that your child is having trouble with, and print them on the cards.

If you use the words on this list, show your child the card and ask her to find the word in today's story.

Store your flash cards in a file box and take them out occasionally to review them with your child. As the word box fills with more and more words, have your child build sentences with the words and then read those sentences aloud to you. Or you can make duplicate flash cards and play "Concentration" with your child.

Pub Date: 3/11/98

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