Baltimore ADDY Winners

March 09, 1998

Local radio single: Campbell Group, W. B. Doner & Co.

Local radio campaign: Campbell Group

Regional/national radio: Eisner & Associates Inc.

Regional/national campaign: Eisner & Associates Inc.

Print/collateral: W. B. Doner & Co.

Broadcast/electronic: Eisner & Associates Inc.

Broadcast/electronic single entry or campaign: W. B. Doner & Co.

Audiovisual: Eisner & Associates Inc.

Product or sales presentation: Siquis

Packaging: Eisner & Associates Inc.

Point of purchase: Underground Advertising

Stationery package: Shout

Annual report: Visually Speaking Ltd.

Brochure: Anne Schulte

Poster: Underground Advertising

Special event material: Campbell Group

Business to business: JDA Advertising

Business to business campaign: W. B. Doner & Co.

Business to consumer campaign: North Charles Street Design Org.

Specialty advertising: Fast & Associates

Outdoor board and fleet graphic: Gray Kirk VanSant

Mass transit: Underground Advertising

Interior or exterior sites: Two ADDYs to Cornerstone

Out-of-home campaign: Cornerstone

Full page business trade publication: W. B. Doner & Co.

Business trade publication campaign: Fast and Associates

Consumer magazine fractional page: Cornerstone

Consumer magazine full page: Cornerstone

Consumer magazine spread or multiple page: W. B. Doner & Co.

Consumer magazine campaign: Two ADDYs to Cornerstone

Newspaper, half-page black and white: Underground Advertising

Newspaper, half-page or less color: W. B. Doner & Co.

Newspaper, half-page plus, B&W or color: Underground Adv.

Newspaper, spread, campaign or insert: Anne Schulte

Yellow Pages: Cornerstone

World Wide Web: Callahan & Co., Eisner & Associates Inc.

Television, under $10,000 budget: Underground Advertising

Television, unlimited budget: Eisner & Associates Inc.

Television, local campaign: Underground Advertising, Doner

Television, regional/national consumer products: W. B. Doner & Co.

Television, regional/national consumer services: Gray Kirk VanSant

Television campaign regional/national: Gray Kirk VanSant

Industry, agency design: Campbell Group

Advertising supplier: Institute for Advanced Adv. Concepts

Ad club: Shout

Logo/trademark design: Underground Advertising

Illustration: Eisner & Associates Inc.

Still photography: Wilson Studios, Michael Pohuski

Musical score: Gray Kirk VanSant

Multiple campaigns, business to consumer/local: Campbell Group

Multiple campaigns, business to consumer/regional/national: VanSant

Pub Date: 3/09/98

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