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March 08, 1998|By Cynthia Kammann | Cynthia Kammann,SPECIAL TO THE SUN

FOR TWO hours Thursday evening, Linthicum Elementary School was crowded with students pulling their parents by the hand from place to place, presenting their academic accomplishments.

A lot was happening at once. The school's computer laboratory opened with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Science fair projects, representing the work of more than 200 students, were on display in the media center. And every classroom was open for visitors to view student achievements on display as part of an academic fair.

Parents, teachers, students, Principal Teresa Sacchetti, school board members Paul Rudolph and Joseph Foster and County Executive John G. Gary joined in the celebration.

The four grand-prize winners will advance to a countywide science fair.

"Belle's Big Adventure," Lauren Wellein's project in which she studied what type of dog food her dog Belle liked best, won the grand prize for the category of "Grades 3-4 individual project."

Brian Kristoponis and Brett Lorber won the team project grand prize for that age group for "How Well Do You Know and Like Your Pop?" They used a taste test to determine if people could tell which brand of soda they were drinking.

Marti Gray captured the grand prize for the "Grades 5-6 individual project" with "Colors That Are Hot and Not!"

"My conclusions showed that if I was 16 and buying a car, the more economical car would be white because it would take less gasoline to run the air conditioner in the summer," she said.

Grand-prize winners in the category "Grades 5-6 team project" were Alex Hrybyk and David Twist. In their project, "The Dating Game," they used the random toss of pennies to show how scientists use Carbon-14 to tell the age of a fossil.

All children who completed projects gave themselves the gift of knowledge, third-grade teacher Linda Slicher said Friday at a school assembly.

Grades kindergarten through sixth participated in the science fair, with participation in the judging limited to grades three through six.

The other results:

Third grade: First-, second- and third-place winners for individual projects were Greg Twist, Emily Owoc and Brittany Alvarez. First-, second- and third-place team project winners were Dustin Hewes and Kyle Murray, Anne Marie Whitesell and Meredith Engel, and Paul Bicknell and Calvert Perry. Honorable mentions went to Caroline Cone, Joshua Jacoby, Michael Butler, Keri Kolodej and Amanda Marquess.

Fourth grade: First-, second- and third-place winners for individual projects were Kevin Brodie, Nathan Giles and James Carpenter. First-, second- and third-place team project winners were Lacy Hemmings and Mindy Winstead, Joseph Notari and Chris Hughes, and Alex Moxam and Travis Potter. Honorable mentions were earned by Tori Bixler, Hunter Stowe, Elyce Horsley, Kayla Risch, Joni Dayton, Libby Perry, Jessie Nelson, Victoria Forney, Kristy Brooks and Samantha Fitzhenry.

Fifth grade: First-, second- and third-place winners for individual projects were Kurtis Cwiek, Bobby Kazlauski and Katie Moler. First-, second- and third-place team project winners were Caitlin Hegge and Jen Biggs, Randi Clary and Lesa Wilcoxen, and Amanda Woodall and Jennifer Faro. Honorable mentions went to Kathleen Klebba, Kara Kirstaponis, Haylea Frederick and Laurie Stuart.

Sixth grade: First-, second- and third-place winners for individual projects were Kara D'Antonio, Melanie Marcus and Holly Deutsch. First-, second- and third-place team project winners are Christine Stagg and Kate Richardson, Brittany Makin and Amanda Wingate and Barbara Kimm and Jessica Pardoe and Charlene Patrick. Receiving honorable mentions were Cori Proctor, Steven Collins, Derek Walker, Andrew Mannion, Kristen Hymers, Michael Eder, Robyn Glossner, Allison Daciek, Parick Daciek, Nick Gardner, Chris Kirby, Alicia de la Garza, Amanda Kraft, Justin Lentz, Andrew Wellein and Amanda Makarovich.

Brooklyn Park reunion

Meetings for the committee organizing the last hurrah at the old Brooklyn Park High School are scheduled for 6: 30 p.m. to 8: 30 p.m. March 12 and 25 in Room 251.

Committee member Woody Bowen said the location of the meeting has been changed.

Slated for noon to 5 p.m. May 3, the main event will be an open house for all Brooklyn Park High alumni and friends and a fund-raiser for the Chesapeake Center for the Creative Arts.

The open house will allow alumni to tour the building a last time before construction begins. The building is to house the Chesapeake Center and the new Brooklyn Park Middle School.

An old wrestling uniform and a football uniform will be on display at the reunion. Other such contributions from alumni taking trips down memory lane and into almost forgotten boxes of memorabilia are welcomed.

Let's go, Brooklyn Park Bees. Now is the time to prove there's been a reason you were saving that (fill in the blank) since high school.

Pub Date: 3/08/98

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