A sign it's election yearSO WHAT if he's had money woes...


March 08, 1998|By David Michael Ettlin

A sign it's election year

SO WHAT if he's had money woes, ex-wife woes and many constituents upset about his pushing for a controversial Mountain Road bypass. County Councilman Tom Redmond seems to be one happy fellow.

The Pasadena Democrat and towing czar put up a sign recently, on the edge of his auto graveyard and facing traffic on eastbound Route 100.





Then again, it's an election year.

AS SEEN in police reports this week:

An Annapolis man went to a Broadneck church for a marriage-counseling session with his wife, but it apparently didn't go too well.

While the couple was left alone to talk, they got into an argument during which the husband pulled from his jacket pocket "a present I bought for myself," the wife quoted to police. The

present was a handgun.

The husband left the church, and the woman called police. When the husband returned several minutes later, he was arrested and charged with reckless endangerment.

TaNoah Morgan

Translation please

AT A county office earlier this week, a secretary -- a longtime Glen Burnie resident -- answered a phone call and took a message -- but with a bit of trouble.

The trouble?

"She's English," the secretary said about the caller. "You can't understand her."

TaNoah Morgan

About business

AT A business group's presentation this week of its Entrepreneur of the Year award, co-recipient Kenneth Wagner, who runs a firm that rents heavy equipment and office machines, joked that it must have been difficult for the group to find one of his business cards to frame for the award because he rarely carries any.

His counterpart James Donnelly, owner of a printing company in Annapolis, quickly handed Wagner a card.

"I'll print you some," he quipped.

TaNoah Morgan

Baby-food hoax

A CLOSE encounter with an urban myth: At an Odenton auto shop last week, people were discussing a class action lawsuit they'd heard about against Gerber Baby Foods. As they'd heard it, people with children born between 1985 and 1997 were eligible for $600 savings bonds the company was giving out.

What was the class action suit about? No one knew, but that sounded like interesting news.

A state Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program representative, however, warned it was all bogus.

She said she's been getting calls from some counties requesting information on the suit. Gerber Baby Foods has even sent out a press release and made postings on its Web site to tell people it's a hoax.

"The rumor is that you should send a copy of your child's birth certificate and Social Security number to a post office box somewhere," the WIC representative said. "Don't do it."

Cheryl Tan

Driving under a spell

THE MORNING drive on northbound Interstate 295 from Washington to Anne Arundel County can be challenging, with the never-ending roadwork along that stretch.

Workers tear up and divert traffic on different parts of the highway each week, forcing drivers who want to get to work in one piece into tricky maneuvering in spots.

This probably prompted the state to put up signs earlier this week along the interstate between Maryland routes 197 and 32 that say: "DRIVE SAFLEY."

Apparently some of those alert drivers noticed. Corrected signs were up by Friday.

Cheryl Tan

Pub Date: 3/08/98

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