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March 08, 1998

Orioles pitcher Mike Mussina recalls these reading moments for Sun staff member Mark Hoeflich.

Do you remember the first book or series of books you read?

"I'm sure Dr. Seuss books were among the first I read."

Did someone read to you when you were little?

"My mom read to me, but most of the time I read to myself once I could do it."

Was there a series of books you liked as a young reader?

"I read the Hardy Boys and got into those encyclopedia books a lot."

Was it hard for you to learn to read?

"I don't remember it being very difficult. I think reading is an acquired taste, especially when you are young. You have to do it awhile to be able to follow a story."

Did you read other things? Newspapers? Magazines?

"I didn't read the newspaper until I was in college, and I'm still not a big magazine reader."

Have your ideas about reading changed since you were a kid?

"Not really. It's just like anything else: The more you do it, the better you are at it. The more you read, the more you enjoy it, especially if it's something you can get caught up in like a mystery."

Is reading important in your job?

"Other than reading box scores or scouting reports, my job is rather unique. For us [baseball players], reading a book is more for enjoyment. People who enjoy reading look for something to exercise their mind."

What kind of books do you read now?

"Science fiction and anything Stephen King writes."

Do you have any children and, if so, do you read to them?

"I have a stepdaughter who is 8. I read to her and she reads to me.

Pub Date: 3/08/98

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