Reading starts with recognizing the letters of the...


March 01, 1998

Reading starts with recognizing the letters of the alphabet and learning the sounds those letters make. Susan Rapp, a reading specialist and director of Village Reading Center in Columbia, suggests this easy - and fun - way for parents to begin this learning process.

* Help your child find pictures of objects in magazines or newspapers that begin with each of the letters of the alphabet. For example, A for "apple," C for "car." Cut out the picture and paste it on a piece of composition paper or use 5-by-7 index cards.

* Write the letter that the picture represents on the upper right hand corner of the paper or card and help your child paste the picture on the page. Under the picture, write the word for that object.

* Keep the index cards in a box for your child to look through, or staple the pages together to form an alphabet book.

Pub Date: 3/01/98

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