25 years ago:After 4 1/2 years as a prisoner of war in...


February 08, 1998|By Compiled from the archives of the Historical Society of Carroll County.

25 years ago:

After 4 1/2 years as a prisoner of war in Vietnam, Eddie Drabic, 25, is coming home. His parents, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Drabic of Lightner Street, Union Bridge, received the good news Saturday about midnight. They had known only that their son was reported missing in action since September 1968. Said Mrs. Drabic, "We know he's alive. That's all that's important." -- the Carroll Record, Feb. 1, 1973.

75 years ago:

State's Attorney Theodore F. Brown and Sheriff E. Edward Martin tell of an interesting experience they had Saturday afternoon near Roller in the extreme northeastern corner of Carroll County. Armed with a search warrant, issued under the county anti-saloon law, they visited the home of Charles Grim, who lives in a tenant house of Joseph Ziegler. The state's attorney and sheriff are kind-hearted folks, and when Grim told them his wife was very nervous and would be much disturbed if they entered the house without giving her warning, they allowed him to go in and prepare her for their coming. When Grim did not come back in a hurry, added to the odor of mash in the air, they smelled a mouse and got busy. In a bedroom on the first floor stood two barrels, containing about 10 gallons of mash, and in the room above they found a tenplate stove, with fire in it, and the coils of a still running through a tub of water, but no still. Upon further search, they found under the back porch the 25-gallon still, still hot. -- Democratic Advocate, Feb. 2, 1923.

Pub Date: 2/08/98

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