Light rail line should extend down Guilford

January 31, 1998|By Milton H. Miller Sr.

CONGRATULATIONS on your editorial on "Putting the 'mass' in mass transit" (Jan. 6). You were right on target on almost everything said.

One important point you missed is the strong need for extending the central light rail system through Penn Station and down Guilford Avenue/South Street to serve the office areas that flank the east side of the central business district.

Extending light rail to the eastern part of downtown would greatly increase the viability and utility of the line, because it does not serve where most people work.

Another matter that should be addressed regarding light rail is a strong effort to double-track the system. As it is, it is too slow; to be effective, it will need to work faster. Now, you cannot approach Penn Station from the north without changing trains and doubling back. This is ridiculous and should be amended.

Further, the metro heavy rail system could be extended to the northern and eastern suburbs, extending north and east from Johns Hopkins to the Harford and Belair roads area.

Pub Date: 1/31/98

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