Monica look-alike leads media chase at courthouse X-ray technician turns heads of gullible reporters


WASHINGTON -- The media frenzy over Monica Lewinsky had started to bug Kate Reed, a Virginia X-ray technician who bears a striking resemblance to the former White House intern. So after two dates in six days were interrupted by waiters, restaurant patrons and passers-by staring or asking if she was the infamous Lewinsky, Reed decided to strike back -- at the media.

With the help of two friends, Reed paid a brief visit yesterday afternoon to the federal courthouse in Washington where the grand jury investigating the alleged White House scandal meets. Slipping in by a side door, she and her companions emerged a minute later from another entrance guarded by a swarm of TV cameras and reporters.

"We walked out calmly, I looked up for a minute, and that's when all hell broke loose," she said in an interview. A reporter at the door nudged the next reporter, and "everyone grabbed their cameras and started following us."

"They were saying, 'Monica, Monica, did they grant you immunity?' " said Reed, 26, of Reston, Va. "I said, 'Leave me alone, I'm tired of all these reporters, I didn't sleep with the president.' "

Reed estimated about 15 reporters and camera operators followed her for a block and a half to a waiting Honda with Virginia plates. Reed said her intent was, in part, to tweak a media she thinks is out of control.

"I think only one [reporter] saw my face, and on that basis they all chased me," she said.

Pub Date: 1/31/98

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