Robotic Systems to build new spy car for Army

Maryland Watch

January 31, 1998

Robotic Systems Technology of Westminster has won a 4 1/2 -year, $23 million contract to build a new type of pilotless spy car for the Army.

Like little Jeeps that drive themselves, the robot vehicles will be designed to zip around at 40 mph on highways or 20 mph over terrain and scout out enemy tanks.

RST will assemble four of the vehicles in Westminster and demonstrate them at Aberdeen Proving Ground and at Fort Hood, Texas. A Science Applications International Corp. facility in Denver will assist the company in mission planning, and Sarnoff Corp. of Princeton, N.J., will work on stereo vision processing.

RST, a subsidiary of F&M Manufacturing Inc., has already designed a robotic vehicle for the Army that is intended to perform sentry or security duties.

The new contract "will allow RST to maintain its pre-eminent position in unmanned vehicle technology and extend it to the tactical domains," said Scott D. Myers, president of RST.

The company also has an Army contract to build smoke generators, which produce dense clouds of black or white smoke to obscure a battlefield.

Pub Date: 1/31/98

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