Teen convicted in attack on driver 60-year term favored in shooting of woman

January 30, 1998|By Mike Farabaugh | Mike Farabaugh,SUN STAFF

A Harney teen-ager was spared life in prison yesterday by a Carroll County jury that found him innocent of premeditated attempted murder, but guilty of second-degree attempted murder and eight related charges in the shooting of a Taneytown pizza deliverywoman last year.

Edward F. "Eddie" Sible, 19, could receive a sentence of 85 to 100 years in prison, prosecutor Clarence W. Beall III said. Beall said he would request a sentence of at least 60 years.

The second-degree attempted murder charge carries a maximum sentence of 25 years, and Sible could receive up to 20 years for using a handgun in an attempted armed robbery, Beall said.

Circuit Judge Francis M. Arnold set Sible's sentencing for April 15.

Sible stood without emotion as the verdict was announced by the foreman of the jury panel, which deliberated about five hours after three days of testimony.

"I'm sure the jury was hung up on the aspect of premeditation," Beall said. "It's a difficult [legal] concept."

Beall said that Sible and co-defendants Cory A. Coil, 20, Leo "Joey" Brandenburg, 18, and Melissa A. Redding, 19, all from Taneytown, planned to rob Linda D. Bond, the pizza deliverywoman, for money to buy drugs on Feb. 20.

"They checked out [the remote area where the robbery occurred], went to get the gun at Sible's house, wore no disguises, set up no roadblocks to stop her, and Sible pulled the trigger," Beall said. "The only way to stop her was to shoot her."

Bond foiled the robbery when she didn't stop her car. Although wounded by a .22-caliber bullet that remains lodged against her spine, Bond drove back to the Taneytown Pizza Hut before being flown by state MedEvac helicopter to the Maryland Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore for treatment.

The co-defendants pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit armed robbery. Coil and Brandenburg each were sentenced in November to 25 years in prison. Redding, who cooperated with police and agreed to testify against Sible, will be sentenced to 15 years in prison with all but 18 months suspended.

Beall said several facts about the case bothered him.

"Three of the four teen-agers -- all except Sible -- knew Linda Bond from her days as the lunch lady who worked in the cafeteria at their middle school," he said. "She delivers 80 percent of the pizzas in Taneytown and has even delivered to their homes."

Beall said they had to know Bond was most likely to deliver the pizza before they called and ordered a large pepperoni delivered to the remote location off Roop Road outside Taneytown.

"It reminds of the old stagecoach robberies, like highwaymen," Beall said.

"It's mind-boggling that they even expected to get away with it in such a small community where just about everyone knows everyone else," Beall said. "How could they [expect to get away] unless they killed her?"

Bond, 48, was pleased with the verdict, saying she hoped to get back to a regular routine. Bond manages a flower shop in Taneytown and works for Pizza Hut, taking telephone orders.

Other than Coil, who apologized to her at his sentencing in court, Bond said she has heard nothing from the others.

Pub Date: 1/30/98

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