January 29, 1998

"I am personally not aware of any improper relationship, sexual or otherwise, by this president and any of the White House interns or anyone else for that matter."

Leon Panetta, former White House chief of staff, after testifying

"A lot of Americans are asking the same question - how is it that we begin with Whitewater and end up with dalliances with Monica Lewinsky? There ought to be a limit to what Starr's going to do. We now have a fourth branch of government - a National Inquisitor."

Richard Phelan, the special prosecutor who investigated former Democratic House Speaker Jim Wright

"I've known Ken Starr a long time and I don't view him as being particularly partisan. I think he's a fair and honest guy. He may have gone too far, but I don't think it was for political reasons."

Alan Morrison, a lawyer for the public interest group Public Citizen

"This [scandal] is the political equivalent of a black hole. It's sucking all the energy into it."

Sen. Bob Kerrey, a Nebraska Democrat

"We have had an incredible day."

President Clinton, just before Air Force One got stuck in the mud of an Illinois airport while taxiing for takeoff

"He is the president of the country. He is also my friend. And I want to ask you now, every single one of you, to join me in supporting him and standing by his side."

Vice President Al Gore, to a crowd of more than 10,000 at the University of Illinois

Pub Date: 1/29/98

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